Client Experience

Building Connections through your client experience

As I finish completing the final forms for our daughters reception class, I think back to my early years at school. I never really cared for school as a child, I was far too busy daydreaming and interested in things that had nothing to do with Maths or Science. BUT there are two teachers who […]

Branding Tips

Five simple ways to improve your client experience

Image of an Investment guide for a family photographer looking to add more value to their service

Image of a wedding photographer's welcome gift, gift vouchers and stickers. The box is covered in a grey linen bookcloth

Client Experience

Crafting the perfect welcome pack

I often get enquiries from our clients, confused about how to craft the perfect welcome pack. Their main concerns are what to include, and while this is a very important question, I think you first need to ask yourself what is the purpose behind sending a welcome pack? Some of the main reasons to send […]

Image of a linen portfolio designed for a wedding videographer.

Branding Tips

Packaging Tips for Videographers

Honestly, I feel that there are so many packaging options for photographers, and not as many options for videographers. (I see you nodding your head) Luckily, we have some beautiful options for you.  It’s so important to present your clients with a beautiful keepsake – something that they can treasure for many years to come. […]

Branding Tips

Luxury Packaging Ideas

I have always felt that packaging and client experience are a way to add value to your product or service. Especially for service based businesses such as photographers, videographers, coaches, interior and graphic designers. Often they provide so much value and skill but it can be difficult for them to create a tangible extension of […]

Client Experience

Thoughts on choosing your packaging

Choosing your packaging can be such a joyful experience, but it can be equally as daunting. We recently rebranded, and so we wanted to update our packaging, to reflect our new style. We also wanted our packaging to reflect our values, our overall client experience and most importantly the way we wanted to make our […]

Beautiful image of photography packaging for a destination wedding photographer trying to enhance her brand.

Branding Tips

Enhancing Your Brand Through Packaging

“People do not buy goods and services . They buy relations, stories and magic.” – Seth Godin I don’t know about you, but so often I feel bombarded with information, adverts popping up on my screen, and social media feed, someone proclaiming they have found the ultimate solution that will change my business and life […]


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