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April 26, 2022

I love getting under the skin of your business to find unexpected ways to surprise and delight your clients. Strategy is my thing and I’m an expert at joining the dots and seeing the bigger picture! 

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Lately I have just been finding myself more disconnected to my screen, and more connected to my actual LIFE & BUSINESS. I think the best way to describe 2020 was a year spent looking at instagram and constantly feeling like a complete failure. Being connected to other people is incredible, but sometimes it also leaves you in a constant comparison cycle and you can’t think creatively because your head is being filled with other people’s thoughts, opinions and ideas!

Stepping away for a little while (not completely, I have still posted occasionally and shared when it felt right), has helped me feel less CONFUSED and a whole lot more excited about my business. I have consciously decided to put a lot less energy into fighting to be seen on a screen and “liked” and instead I am focusing on our CLIENTS, on the backend of our business, and on how to provide an amazing EXPERIENCE for our clients, taking the time to connect with them, nurture those relationships, and to find creative ways to help wherever we can.

The truth is, most of the social media advice you see these days is aimed towards large businesses & influencers whose main goal is to get more followers, engagement & likes? But I really stopped to think about it – is my aim to have 15k Clients? Oh my goodness, no we could never handle that amount of work. So why am I spending all my time obsessed about my engagement & likes when I truly only need a small amount of clients who regularly support our business and who tell others about how amazing we are? Surely that’s got to be better than dancing around on screen trying to capture 30 seconds of people’s attention. In fact I would rather they put their phones down and go and spend some time offline and their life and feel more creatively inspired!

Instagram is great because you can see the efforts in your marketing, you can see the likes and shares! And that’s why it’s addictive, it’s instant gratification. I’m not saying that it’s not a valuable tool as a small business. But focusing on your service and the value you create – whether that’s through your packaging or your process has a far bigger (longer lasting) impact, it’s just that it’s not as easy to see as the metrics on Instagram. 

Think about it in terms of your health – while that big slice of chocolate cake may lead to some instant gratification, going for a long walk might have better impacts on your overall health & mental wellbeing. Still not saying there is something wrong with chocolate cake (yum), but what I am saying is that it shouldn’t be my main desire or focus.

When it comes to using Client Experience as a marketing tool – You need to trust that the service & value you provide your clients will eventually pay off. People love to share about the brands they love, so give them something to talk about. Focus on your work, craft and client and you will start to see the quality leads that come in. 

The truth is, while growing an audience through social media is good for attracting potential clients, developing a meaningful experience will be much more beneficial for your business in the long run. Unless you are selling something that requires a large volume of sales, it is far more beneficial to nurture your clients throughout their client journey than to just be focused on “growing your audience”. 

I want to help you to focus on connecting with your clients, supporting & nurturing them through every phase of their client journey, so that they will turn into loyal supporters of your brand and help generate more referrals! I feel like it’s a quiet rebellion to the system who focuses on growth and popularity –  instead of impact & connection.

Do you feel the same? One thing I have come to realise is that I can quietly moan about the way the business industry is and how it makes us feel, OR I can make a change by running my business the way that feels right to me, and in doing so inspire other people to do the same (well their own version anyway, because we all have different values & beliefs).

This leads me into what is next at Molly & Tom? Well if you have been following our journey you will know that we are making a pivot in the way we do things, and really trying to deepen the value we are able to offer our clients. We want to go beyond the surface level of packaging just making pretty things, and focus on ways TO NURTURE & GROW YOUR CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS, TO DEEPEN THE IMPACT OF YOUR WORK AND CREATE AN EXPERIENCE THAT WILL BE SPOKEN ABOUT FOR YEARS TO COME!

There are now going to be three main ways of working with us:

  1. The first is going to be helping our clients to create a signature branded experience, through our CLIENT EXPERIENCE INTENSIVES & OUR SIGNATURE BRAND EXPERIENCE, where we use the amazing power of DUBSADO, to help you create meaningful experiences tailored to your brand. We want to help you add more value to your current service, & create strategic workflows that support you and your client. This will be my main role within Molly & Tom, and I am so excited to be using my passion for creating beautiful experiences and collaborating with you to build brands that provide value at every step of their process.
  2. Secondly, we are going to be diving deeper into our CUSTOM PACKAGING services. This gives us the opportunity to make sure that the products we make are intentionally designed and truly surprise & delight your clients. I know he is my husband, but Justin honestly is the quiet star of the show behind the scenes. His amazing attention to detail & craftsmanship is the reason behind all the beautiful products that leave the studio. By having time to dedicate to his craft, I know we will be able to create incredible products in the future.
  3. And lastly our ONLINE STORE, which we will be password protected, so that we can ensure that we keep things small & personal and find ways to offer you additional value through helpful content , exclusive products and the amazing service we are known for.

The truth is we want our business to stay small & personal, allowing us to get to know you by name and not reduce people to a follower, like or engagement statistics. That is what our business is centred around. And while we will still be on social media, sharing what we get up to in the studio, it’s not the purpose of our business and it won’t be stealing all of our intention, focus and definitely not our JOY!

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