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April 26, 2022

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Image of a linen portfolio designed for a wedding videographer.

Honestly, I feel that there are so many packaging options for photographers, and not as many options for videographers. (I see you nodding your head)

Luckily, we have some beautiful options for you. 

It’s so important to present your clients with a beautiful keepsake – something that they can treasure for many years to come. We have the utmost respect for videographers – I have often told our clients, one of the biggest regrets I have about our wedding is that we didn’t recognize the value of having a videographer. 

 We got married seven years ago, and videography wasn’t as popular as it is these days. We placed importance on the flowers & décor, we also splurged on our photographer (which I don’t regret), but by the end of it there was very little budget left for a videographer. If I could do it all over again, I definitely would have changed a few things and hired a videographer. There is just something so amazing about the way video can capture so many emotions of the day. I’m such a sucker for wedding video’s, it doesn’t matter if it’s a complete stranger, you will usually find me hiding a couple of tears as you get to relieve those special moments.

 We have dedicated this post to you, wonderful creatives, with our top five tips on how you can create packaging that reflects your brand and be a beautiful reminder for your clients.

Here are our 5 packaging tips for videographers:

1. Make Sure Your Packaging Compliments Your Style of Filming 

We recently did custom packaging for the talented Richard Leng (RL Films Co.), and we just love how he placed importance on delivering something tangible to his clients. His approach to filming is that you don’t need a ton of gadgets and tech to capture what’s truly important, and he relies on his skills and artistic nature to truly capture what is important. 

This is reflected in his packaging; it is simple yet elegant. Everything is handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail, it is perfectly thought-out and truly represents his brand. 

The outer shell is handcrafted from oak; the inside is covered with a charcoal coloured fabric which feels soft and luxurious and effortlessly compliments his artistic style of filming. His clients’ memories will be stored on a beautiful walnut crystal USB, and for an extra special touch, we added some fine art prints, printed on our cotton white paper

Obviously everything about his packaging is meticulously thought-out and there is also a foiled thank you card, in a custom charcoal coloured pocket.

You don’t have to have custom packaging designed, to still have it compliment your brand & style of filming. Our USB boxes are so versatile and allow you to add your brand signature and style to them. 

2. Let it be a Conversational Piece

You want your clients to display your box around their home, and for it to become a topic of conversation. A simple reminder to the couple to play it every now and then, when times are tough, or they just need to have a moment to relive their most special memory together. 

3. Let it Improve Your Client Experience

Ok so let’s just think about your packaging from a marketing perspective. 

Think about, how having beautiful packaging, will affect your client’s experience. You have spent hours filming, and countless hours editing. Only to deliver your work in a drab wooden box (similar to what their friends have received). It may not even fit your USB properly (this is like playing Russian roulette with the Postman)? Imagine the difference, when you could gift your clients a beautiful hand painted box, with acrylic lid and metallic finish. This would make your clients feel valued and beaming with excitement to play their film. As well as share their unboxing experience all over social media.

4. Make it Personal

We believe that every parcel sent should have a handwritten note – just a small gesture to show your clients just how much it means to you, to have been a part of their special day. 

We have a variety of options, from foiled cards, to beautifully printed cards in vellum envelopes. 

5. Add Some Prints

This isn’t necessary, but we do feel that it adds another element to your packaging. And we know that all you videographers can get some beautiful shots as well. The choice of just a few outstanding angles and amazing captures will show how much attention to detail you have gone to in order to deliver the best experience. This also allows your client to take their most special frames and freeze them in time forever. Nothing will excite your customers as much as a few sneak peaks to what is on their film. It’s a marvellous talking point as well a path of communication that will ensure your name gets brought up in conversation. 

To work with us on a custom packaging project – click here!

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