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July 8, 2022

I love getting under the skin of your business to find unexpected ways to surprise and delight your clients. Strategy is my thing and I’m an expert at joining the dots and seeing the bigger picture! 

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As a more sensitive business owner, I have always found marketing myself a challenge. I think that (like so many other more sensitive business owners out there), I have always seen marketing as a way of convincing someone to buy something (and in a lot of cases, something they don’t need). Which always leaves me feeling a little icky – can you relate?

Something that I have found helpful is to reframe the idea of marketing as an extension of my client experience. By doing this, I see my marketing as less of a push strategy and rather an invitation to find out a little bit more about the work that I do, and if it could serve my potential client.

I want every experience and interaction with me and my business to feel meaningful and start to build a personal connection and sense of trust. 

This is one of the reasons why marketing on instagram no longer aligns with me or my business values. It’s also why I have never jumped on the Tik Tok band wagon, because I can’t build a connection in a single square or a 30 second video. Marketing in this way doesn’t give me the opportunity to show my whole hearted self, it doesn’t allow me to invite someone in, make them feel seen and heard and cared for!

I am mindful that everything I create and ask my potential clients to “consume” has an impact on their time, energy and mood.

By seeing your marketing as an extension of your client experience (and how that fits into your client journey), you can really start to create ways of building trust and nurturing relationships with your potential clients before they have even reached out to you personally.

By slowing down and being more intentional with your marketing you can create opportunities to make an impact in the lives of your potential clients, guide them gently towards the transformation you can help them achieve and do this in a very mindful way that creates joy for you and your potential clients. We are all tired of being sold to – and what we need more of in this world is a chance to feel seen, accepted and cared for!

This is why I love email marketing so much, and use it as a way to build relationships with potential, current and past clients! And if you just did a little eye roll at the thought of email marketing – you are not alone! I spent years avoiding it, but honestly it has made such an impact in my business and I know if you give it a chance it will make a difference to yours too.

I get a lot of people asking me about my decision to quit Instagram – and what has it been like? And the honest truth is that although I did generate income & new leads from being on the app – I don’t think it was the best use of my time. And here’s why:

  • Things like Instagram & TikTok rely on you making endless amounts of content (they want you and your users to stay on the app). I don’t know about you, but that stresses me out. And I would far rather be out on a walk, or present with my daughter than have my head buried in my phone.
  • I spent more of my time stressing over what to post than doing my actual work! From a time management perspective it just doesn’t make any sense for me as a solopreneur. And from a mental health perspective (as a very sensitive human) it makes even less sense.
  • I was so obsessed with Instagram that I never took time to focus on my own website, getting people onto my email list so that I could nurture the relationship with them. Introduce them to my service in a slow and gentle way (instead of demanding their attention, and fighting with an algorithm to be “Seen”, when really I needed to make my clients feel seen)

What I have chosen to do instead is to focus on Pinterest (where my content is evergreen, and working for me – rather than having to continuously be churning out content). But more importantly, I have to make sure that I have somewhere to start a conversation and build a connection with my potential clients. And this is why I LOVE email marketing.

It really doesn’t matter which social platform you prefer, if you don’t have a way to nurture your clients once they have had a look at your website you are really missing out on an opportunity to work with some incredible people!

And so, looking through the lens of your client experience, what do you think your clients feel when they first land on your website? What questions might they have, what topics would they be interested in learning more about? This will help you create a “lead magnet” – which I like to think of as your conversation starter. A soft introduction into who you are, and how you can best serve your clients.

There are so many formats you can use, but I would suggest asking yourself how your perfect fit client likes to consume or digest information. How would you like them to feel after your “first introduction”.

For example, my perfect fit client is always trying to understand themselves a little better. Which is why something like journal prompts could really resonate with them, a calming podcast style lesson, or a Quiz (which is what I ultimately chose). I personally love taking quizzes, and it fits in with the idea of my clients wanting to understand themselves and their business a little better. They are fun, interactive and not as much pressure as a workbook or guide. I am trying to lighten their workload and not add even more to their to-do list.

After you have started the conversation, you want to think about how you can gently guide your client to finding out about the work you do. If you were meeting them in person, you might want to tell them a little bit about yourself, give them a back story into why you got into the work you do. Get to know them a little better, build trust, ask them for their opinion, what are they struggling with (this is a great Call to action BTW to find out a little bit more about your client). 

This is why creating a nurture sequence is so important – because you can gently guide your potential clients to how they can work with you (in a non-salesy or sleazy way). Bear in mind that it normally takes quite a few touchpoints & interactions with your business before a potential client knows if you are the right fit for them and gets in touch. Be patient, and invest your time into serving them. With email marketing you might not be able to immediately see your impact & result (with a like or a comment), but over time you will create a list with engaged clients who are eager to hear from you! Building trust takes time, but you will create a solid foundation in your business.

The incredible part of designing these elements is that you only have to set them up once and then wait for that hard work to take effect and snowball. It also gives you a really good start in planting seeds and building trust with your potential clients (it also helps you stay connected to past clients, and continue to serve them).

You can then create a few content pillars and connect with your clients once or a few times a month (whatever feels easy and doable for you). Make sure that everything you send them is valuable, and centred around what they need. Create content designed around educating and inspiring them – taking into account how you want to make them feel after they have read your email. Show your personality, give freely and when it feels right invite them in to work with you. It really is that simple – time is our most precious resource and so you want to create something that respects your readers time. While also honouring and reclaiming your own time by not being on the social media hamster wheel.

If you have really resonated with this, and you feel excited to get your email marketing set up so that you can start to connect with potential and past clients through emails people will love to open – then I would like to invite you to have a look at my Flodesk Email Marketing VIP DAY!! 

What’s a VIP day, I hear you say – well it’s a day dedicated just to you, where you will have my full, undivided attention and I will help you get your email Marketing set up in Flodesk. Here is how it works:

  • Before your VIP Day we’ll have a 30 minute strategy call to brainstorm ideas for your lead magnet and Nurture Series of three emails welcoming new subscribers.
  • During your VIP Day I’ll design a pdf version of your lead magnet, set up your nurture series, and design 3x templates for you to use to connect with your audience going forwards.
  • I’ll also show you how to use the templates so you can continue to send branded emails that your subscribers will be excited to open!
  • And you will get one week of additional support from me via email during office hours.

Sounds Good?I would be so honoured to collaborate with you on this – click here to Book Now x

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