Branding is so multifaceted, but one of the ways you can tell a story is through your packaging. I think the thing I love most about packaging is the tangible connection you are able to make with your clients. 

Packaging can enhance your brand, and communicate your values, vision and purpose, which is why it is a key pillar in what we do in the Molly and Tom Studio. We specialise in helping photographers & videographers create a tangible extension of their brand to solidify their client experience in order to build connection and trust within their brand. 

If you want to deliver the best custom packaging for your photography clients, DO IT! I 100% recommend going custom too as every detail of the packaging is thought about and it's SO worth it. The quality of the products and attention to detail is superb.



To ensure the quality of our work, we only take on a select number of custom projects per month. Please inquire with more details about your business and I'll set up a consultation to determine if we're the right fit.