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Build a Signature Brand Experience that seamlessly nurtures your clients from enquiry through to referral?


What if the key to delivering the high quality service you dream of is less about pushing to do more and be more productive… and actually about having a support structure that nurtures personal connection to create happy, loyal clients that become brand supporters?

With the right strategy and processes in place your client experience has the potential to build your reputation as the best at what you do - while supporting you to create a business that brings you joy!


Choose from three key areas of your client experience - overall strategy, collateral design, or email marketing - and get my undivided focus on this for a day. This is ideal if you want to tangibly elevate your client experience and grow your business, but can’t commit time or resources to a complete overhaul right now.


When you want to be known as the best of the best, it’s time to overhaul the way you deliver your service from first enquiry through to rave review and referral. Together we’ll create a strategy that plays to your strengths and gives you space to do your best work, utilising client management platform Dubsado to automate processes, and creating beautiful branded collateral along the way.


PACKAGING FOR photographers

A chance to bring your brand to life, to communicate your brand story! Your brand is not just a logo, it’s your entire brand communication strategy, the experience you create and the impressions you leave behind! You may not realise it BUT how you present your work, the print finishes you choose, and small tangible brand touchpoints you deliver can speak towards your values & ethos. That is why we love to work 1:1 with talented photographers, videographers and other purpose-led business owners, on making a memorable impression for their customers, through intentional presentation packaging and stationery.

You are a beautiful, unique and talented human, with so many layers to your business experience. There is no One-Size fits all approach to these sessions. But if you are looking to chat to someone who has been in business for a while, loves to do things differently, (and learnt a lot of lessons along the way) then I would love to connect with you through one of these sessions.

SCHEDULE your  Mentoring Session

It’s time to create an unforgettable client experience that elevates your brand and streamlines your projects so you can get out of overwhelm and operate from a place of creativity and confidence.

Although I had tried my best to put together a decent structure to my workflow using my current CRM, I feel like it didn't necessarily give my clients an experience. It wasn't something that I thought of as a journey as such prior to working with Stacey. It was lacking my personality and the little touches that make me unique and a stand out within my industry. I always wanted to give my clients the best, but I didn't ever realise how far beyond just providing great photography I could go to ensure I left a lasting impression and provided my clients with the support and education they required.” Actually, I am so in love with my client experience that I am a little bit jealous that I don't get to be my own client!

— Danielle Leslie Photography

“I am GLOWING. Stacey has helped me to completely transform my client experience!”

But the truth is, it wasn’t until I stopped obsessing over the competition and focused on understanding what my clients valued that I created an experience that was completely unique – and made my business stand out in the crowd.

By switching my mindset to find positive and thoughtful ways to make a difference in my client’s lives, I found I could connect with the people that really value my service. They went on to tell a few more people about their experience, and that created a snowball effect, allowing me to improve and constantly tweak my service while it got better and better - and attracted more clients.

Together we can look towards your unique magic & talents, and create an unforgettable experience, that will bring you & your clients joy!

I know how easy it is to lose your edge when you’re looking at what everyone else is doing.


“Without a doubt, this is going to level up my business in amazing ways. What may have taken me years to achieve on my own has now been simplified ”



“I finally found the courage to pursue my dream of opening my own homewares boutique all thanks to Kate.”

Melanie chased her dream:


I’m Stacey, and I believe meaningful connection is the future of business!

Together we can find other ways to grow your business. Independent of algorithms. Without a penny spent on ads. Just good old fashioned personal service that makes people feel special. I want to see a world where this is the norm!

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I completely understand. Investing in your business is a huge step. Feel free to email me with your questions and we can make sure this is the best way for you to invest your resources. I will always be honest and if I feel that your money would be better spent in other areas of your business, I will be completely transparent and refer you to someone who could help.